Cannabis Products


The purest and natural form of cannabis available, buds are the term of phrase for trimmed flowers sold in 1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14, or 28g sizes. Sky High carefully chooses each product we present to our customers in an effort to elevate and educate those new and long-time cannabis enthusiasts with the finest buds available.


Discreet and flavorful, edibles and infused beverages have become more prevalent and popular for their powerful, lasting effects. Whether you’re interested in trying sodas, chocolates, crackers, or candies, Sky High has a wide variety of edibles and beverages available.


Long used for medicinal, smokeless purposes, topicals, tinctures, and cannabis capsules have exploded in popularity for their predictable, healthier effects. Whether you’re looking for creams, lotions, oils, or transdermal patches, Sky High can help you find the relief you seek.


The ambiguous term for extracted cannabis byproducts, concentrates pack quite a punch – some concentrates can reach up to 90% THC. But despite the potency, the variety and availability of concentrates post-legalization make them a tremendous alternative to traditional buds.


From larger, more sophisticated vaporizers suited to groups and home use to smaller, more discreet vape pens, Sky High has everything you need to get started with a smokeless alternative.


From affordable, simple chillums to larger, sophisticated bubblers and water pipes, Sky High’s extensive selection of glassware means any and every preferred smoking method is just a step away.